Friday, February 26, 2016


IT'S FINALLY HERE!  I had major formatting issues. There are a lot of photos, and I kept adding features.  This is the best issue so far.

I still can't put the covers with the contents, so there are three documents to view (they cannot be printed or downloaded).  And this is still best viewed on a computer.  On my phone the documents are broken up in a very strange way, with the text repeated.  Working on a better on line format.  Hopefully by next issue. Until then, enjoy!




News of Note 2
Monkey Business 2
Digging The Past 3
Third Earth 5
Hand of God, Fire Balls & Bows 7
Wakon 8
Iris and Arke 8
Saints, Loas, Snakes, and Liquor 9
Anacaona 12
Ati Max Beauvoir 12
Met Kalfou 14
Rara 18
Manno Charlemagne 21
Black Madonna 21
The Sacrificial Fish 21
Spring Equinox 22
A City Possessed 23
Photo and other credits and copyrights 27
Happy Birthday Erykah Badu! 29
Calendars 30
David Bowie Fan Page 31
In Memoriam Malcolm X 32
Reviews 33
Recommendations (Formerly “Endorsements”) 34

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