Wednesday, March 23, 2016


EDIT 30 March: The fourth issue will be done soon, because LIFE and also, my eternally optimistic view of what I can accomplish, which is rarely realistic. So far it is 7 days late, hoping I can get it done by tomorrow,

The fourth issue will hopefully be published by Easter.  I was holding space for the exclusive interview with Joshua the First Macro Man.  I may have to take out the Mary Poppins article and a few other pieces, unless I want to do another 36 page issue. Which I don't.

I started a monthly political 'zine, and that has taken up some time.  And just based on what is happening in the world, I may decide to devote more time to that.  So I've decided that at this point, the 6th issue will be the last until I have the time and resources, hopefully by Samhain or thereabouts.